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Kowall Group is one of the leading professional battery manufacturer in China, was built in 1990. As a professional battery expert, we not only provide customers high quality cells, but also our abundant battery experience engineers provide customers correct battery solution according to their products design, so that customers save time and launch their new products very quickly.
Excellent quality, technology innovation is Kowall's everlasting cause by scientific ISO9001 management system. Kowall Group establish research center with Chinese famous University, under the support of famous professors of electrochemistry specialty, our engineer team continuously research and develop new products.
The powerful R&D ability is the motivity of our rapid development. In 2000, we founded a new factory which produce Lithium Polymer battery. High energy density, thinner, safer, more flexible features make our Li-Polymer batteries widely applied in RC toys & Hobby, power tools, wireless products, cordless phones, military device, emergency lightings, mobile office equipments, medical equipments etc.
Kowall is committed to provide values to customers and society, and determined to protect and improve the environment that we are living in. Kowall battery strictly comply the international environment laws and regulations. All our batteries have UL, CE and RoHS certificate.
Enthusiasm and dream contribute Kowall peoples a good future! cooperation with w Kowall ill help you achieve resplendence. After so many years devotion into battery industry, p Kowall eoples believe the past was refulgent for the accomplishment and the future will be more beautiful for the dream. Kowall will always pursue the perfection of the quality and customers satisfied service as our own responsibility. We are proud of being your professional battery solution expert, and we will provide the excellent quality batteries for our old and new customers sequentially.

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